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Magic-Sculpt Epoxy Clay

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    Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to devising uses for Magic-Sculpt

    Magic-Sculpt is a two-part self-hardening epoxy clay specifically designed to meet the needs of modelers, crafters and sculptors. It will smooth out with water and can be handled like any water-based clay. Its grain structure is finer than any other product available and will not shrink or crack.  It can be shaped by hand or with modeling tools, sanded, carved, painted; you can attack it with a grinding tool and the cured material will not break apart or lose its shape. Magic-Sculpt cures at room temperature so no firing or baking is necessary. It is non-toxic making it great for hand sculpting and molding.

    Magic-Sculpt is used throughout the world by hundreds of different crafts and professions — artists, sculptors, taxidermists, furniture restorers, mold makers, manufacturing, museums, sign makers, prop studios, fx artists, ceramicists, doll makers, miniature artists, action figure designers and modifiers, as well as many more.

    It has approximately a 3 hour working time from mixing to hardening and can be sanded, drilled or modified with carving tools after hardening. It accepts most paints and is outdoor or underwater durable!

    Magic-Sculpt adheres to most surfaces including foam, wood, glass, stone, clay, and almost anything else. Also works as a bonding agent between two different materials. 

    Use as a sculpting or modifying medium over an armature or mannequin or by itself as a sculpting material. It comes in Natural (light grey), White, Brown, Flesh, Black and Green colors and in 1,5 and 20 lb containers consisting of one container of Resin and one of Hardener to be mixed together in equal quantities.

    Approximate Magic Sculpt Coverage (at ¼ inch thickness):
    1# = ½ square feet
    5# = 2.5 square feet
    20# = 10 square feet


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    1. Magic-Sculpt 2-part Epoxy Clay

      I have used M-S for over 20 years! It has proven itself to be consistently reliable throughout the years, with significant enhancements along the way, and I would be hard-pressed to use a substitute. The more you use it, the more versatile it becomes. ArtPlace is an extremely reliable and dependable supplier: it has become my go-to source for this product. on 3rd Mar 2018

    2. great product

      great products, fast shipping, fair price. What more can you ask for. on 11th Dec 2017

    3. Great Product !

      I love this product for its versatility and durability once cured . I am an artist and use it for artistic sculpting purposes but its also a great quick fix for many household projects. It may be the climate in south Florida but find it’s work time much shorter then 3 hours (for the details I want even 2 hours is pushing it) so it’s good to mix very small amounts at a time especially when beginning so you don’t waste supplies. Mixing small amounts at a time is also makes mixing the 2 parts WAY easier on the hands ! If you’re looking to create a sculpted project built to last give it a try for sure . on 21st Nov 2017

    4. Magic indeed

      This stuff is truly amazing. It can be a bit sticky to work, but this also is what makes it so able to adhere to such a variety of surfaces. I am so excited by what I can do with it! It sets up so hard and resilient that I can do very minute detail work. Coat it with gesso and acrylic paint brings all that detail work to life! It is a bit expensive, but it has become indispensable to my work. Love it! on 15th Sep 2017

    5. Exactly what I was looking for!

      So we are working on developing a prototype and we had a very roughly put together piece of equipment. we were looking for something would act as a filler and allow us to present a "smooth" "sculpted" piece to the buyer. The magic sculpt is very easy to mix and use. it is super easy to mold & shape. It is easily smoothed. I would advise wearing gloves when using black as it takes quite a number of hand wash before the color is all gone. The finished, hardened surface can be painted, varnished or left alone. and most importantly, it is very light - it did not add too much weight to the finished equipment (which is very important) and overall, allowed us to present (with very little means) a beautiful, working prototype. on 10th Aug 2017

    6. Cheaper than Paleo Sculp

      This product, as far as I can tell, is identical to Paleo Sculp, which I've used for years to restore fossils, but it's somewhat cheaper. I ordered the "flesh", which I think is misnamed :
      it's brown, and pretty dark brown ,at that.
      Other than that, I'll use the other colors again.
      on 31st Jul 2017

    7. sculpting on gourds

      love magic sculpt for making whimsy critters out of small gourds on 20th Jul 2017

    8. Awesome product and Awesome service

      I've bought magic sculpt from here twice so far first a 1lbs and then the 5lbs. Both times the material's been fantastic to work with and they've arrived in a timely manner, well packed. The service has been great as well. At one point there was a glitch and I was over charged, before I even had found out about it they had sent me a refund.
      I intend to be a return customer and will gladly recommend Artplace to my friends.
      on 23rd Jun 2017

    9. Magic Sculpt is awesome

      I have used Magic Sculpt for years. This is the first time I purchased it from ArtPlace. They had the best price I could find and it arrived so quickly. It is wonderful product and easy to work with. on 2nd Jun 2017

    10. The best

      I love this product and will always keep a supply around. I can make anything from this and it is durable enough to display finished project outdoors. Love love love. on 1st Jun 2017

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