Magic-Sculpt In Making Art


Magic-Sculpt in Making Art

Magic-Sculpt epoxy clay is transforming art creation.

Fine art has been described as the visual representation of an idea. For artists is not always an easy task to convert their ideas into a physical visual form. There is always a search for methods, techniques, and mediums to achieve that goal.

Magic Sculpt is a growing medium for all types of artists. It handles much like the wet clays used by artists for centuries.  However, because it is self-hardening it does not have to fired. And unlike fired clays it will not shrink or crack as it cures.

This opens a whole new way to use to clay. Wet clays cannot be put over an armature and then fired as the armature will cause it to explode or crack as the clay shrinks in the firing. Magic-Sculpt epoxy clay can be sculpted over a wire armature or most anything else in order to form a sculpture.

Use Magic-Sculpt over easily carved  materials

For example, a base sculpture can be carved from foam. Magic-Sculpt can then be applied over the surface to convert a soft non-permanent structure into a sculpture that can withstand the outdoor elements and even be submerged.

Use easily structured and assembled armatures

Create a sculpture from wood, wire, screen, pvc pipe, found objects… the list is endless. Then convert the structure to a unified object by covering and modifying with Magic-Sculpt.