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Aves Safety Solvent

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    Aves® Safety Solvent is recommended for tooling, smoothing/seamlessly feathering, texturing, & quickly cleaning Aves® Apoxie® & FIXIT® products, and other epoxies, from tools, brushes and surfaces before set-up. Water clean-up! D.O.T. certified non-hazardous for international and domestic shipping. This is a safe alternative for acetone and other commonly used toxic solvents. It is the least flammable, most effective safety solvent on the market.


    • Aves® Safety Solvent is safer than most all solvents available.
    • Conforms to ASTM D4236.
    • Great replacement for acetone & other commonly used toxic solvents.
    • Clear liquid. Low flammability, high flash point. Low odor and fumes.
    • Freeze-thaw Stable, Incredible shelf life!
    • DOT Certified for shipping by air, land or sea.
    • Does NOT contain alcohol, M.E.K.P, paint thinners or other harmful substances found in   similar products.
    • Companion product for use with Aves® 2-part products and other epoxies.
    • Aves® Safety Solvent comes in a flip-top plastic squeeze bottle & 3 convenient sizes.
    • Available exclusively through Aves® Studio and its distributors.
    Water clean-up!

    Protection & Control Measures:

    Keep Aves® Safety Solvent in a closed container and sealed when not in use. Good ventilation should be used. (Ventilation rates shall be matched to environment conditions). *Keep out of reach of children. Wear rubber gloves, goggles or safety glasses when using Aves®Safety Solvent. Do not smoke or use product near open flames. Do not dispose of Aves® Safety 
    Solvent in an incinerator. Simple water cleanup is recommended.
    Conforms to ASTM D4236.
    Smoothing, tooling/texturing Aves® 2-part products. A safe alternative for acetone and other commonly used toxic solvents. Removes nearly any sticky substance! Epoxy's before set up. Label residue, sap, tar, resins, honey!
    Aves® Safety Solvent also removes inks, markers & stains from dry erase/white boards, Fabrics, and other surfaces. (Always be sure to test surface or fabric first for color fastness & structure.)
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    1. does as should

      Works well for its purpose. on 31st Mar 2015

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