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    Magic-Smooth Spreadable Foam Coating and Much More

    This two-part epoxy is similar in use to Magic-Sculpt but it has a thinner consistency (a little thicker than Vaseline). Easily smoothed with water to a glassy finish, Magic-Smooth is used often for taxidermy projects but it is also great for sculpting. Magic-Smooth does not dissolve foams making it an ideal foam coat! Also it can be used to give texture to almost any surface and Magic-Smooth makes a great adhesive for many projects. Simply mix equal parts of both the A and B component, and the material will harden overnight. It will permanently adhere to almost any clean surface. Once dry, Magic-Smooth will accept most any type of paint and will not shrink or crack.

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    1. Magic smooth works well.

      I used it to strengthen fragile elements of a wooden sculpture. It spreads well and I love soap and water cleanup. on 19th Jan 2017

    2. Great product

      I use this product when I customize cars. When you need something to stay bonded it is great. Very easy to work with and can be smoothed down with water when first applied. I wouldn't use anything else. Sculpting something in couldn't be easier. on 9th Feb 2016

    3. A good companion to Magic Sculpt

      I've been using Magic Sculpt to cover and harden soft items for mosaics, like shoes, purses, etc. I wanted to try the Magic Smooth because of its thinner consistency; the MAgic Sculpt can be difficult to smooth over flimsy surfaces. So far I've found it to be fairly easy to work with, although VERY sticky; another reviewer has suggested gloves and water, and I concur. I have also found that the finished Magic Smooth surface has a lot more "give" than the ultra-hard Magic Sculpt... not sure if that will work out in the long run where I need to harden up a substrate. However, it IS great for for filling in rough surfaces, or covering a hard foam shape. on 22nd May 2014

    4. Great promise, but disappointing

      I would not recommend this as a smoothing agent. it was like trying to work with a pot of rubber cement, but less predictable. It also remains sticky far longer than regular epoxy clay. on 1st May 2014

    5. Magic Smooth Review

      I was excited to try a product that is touted as a durable "skin" for EPS (foam). I've used magic sculpt with great results, but wanted something less bulky, and more smoothable. First impression was, use nitril gloves. This product is very sticky, and the nitril gloves plus a small container of water helps with the application process. I haven't painted my sculpt yet, but I'm happy with Magic Smooth thus far. on 22nd Jul 2013

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