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    FIXIT® is a 2-part, permanent, universal repair compound used to patch holes and cracks, seal & plug leaks. It has a putty-like consistency, is waterproof, with 0% shrinkage/cracking! Working time is 2-3 hrs., sets rock hard in 24 hrs. FIXIT® works wonders for rebuilding & fabricating parts, and as an industrial adhesive compound. Adheres to wood, porcelain, ceramic, metals, stone, glass, cement, tile, masonry, foam, fiberglass, most plastics & more. Use on tough jobs, auto, outdoor & marine projects. FIXIT® sets up under water and stands up to UV rays, fuels & heat up to 500 F. Can be seamlessly feathered before set-up, & sanded, tapped, drilled, lathed, carved, or otherwise tooled after set-up, without chipping, cracking or flaking! Simple water clean-up or use Aves® Safety Solvent.


    • FIXIT® is a self-hardening, 2-part product
    • Putty-like consistency
    • Extremely adhesive, durable and strong; stands up to UV, fuels, outdoors, etc. 
    • Safe up to 500 degrees F.
    • Adheres to almost any clean surface including ceramic, fiberglass, foam, glass, metal, plastic, stone, wood, more!
    • Marine & Exterior Quality
    • Waterproof & non-conductive
    • 0% shrinkage/ 0% cracking
    • Open working time about 2-3 hours, cures hard overnight (24 hour full cure).
    • Can be seamlessly feathered before set-up, or can be tapped or drilled, sanded, filed, painted, or otherwise finished to match the repaired item
    • Non-hazardous, non-flammable; no solvents or fumes.
    • Conforms to ASTM D.4236.
    • Easy clean-up with Aves® Safety Solvent or soap & water
    Patches and fills holes and cracks, and fabricates parts. Use on doors, walls, dry wall & floors, tile, cement, grouting, chairs, cabinets, furniture, toys & dolls, jewelry, statues, tools, machine parts, and so much more. Ideal for antique restorations.

    Sinks, oil and water tanks, seals and plugs leaks, etc. Permanent custom formed gaskets.
    Boat, pool & aquarium repairs.
    Safe for lines carrying potable water.

    Dent/hole repairing. Great for fuel tanks, radiators, exhaust systems, metals and dissimilar component bonding. Safe up to 500 degrees F.

    Indoor & outdoor displays. Theme park & aquarium repairs and fabrications. Motion picture studio effects and props. Statue repairs. Use in place of lead for stained glass windows. Model, hobby and craft uses such as rocket fillets and reinforcements, model cars, trucks, boats, planes, etc., and doll and figure character repairs, fabrications & customization.


    *Wearing gloves when mixing A+B is not only helpful for clean up, but ensures thorough mixing of the product.

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    1. Fixit

      This product has worked for me over and over. I resculpt model horses and this bonds well to the plastic and wire I use. It mixes easily and is easily cleaned up with rubbing alcohol. It doesn't have a bad smell and hardening time is just about right. This is about the 4th time I've purchased this size. Lasts me about a year. Very satisfied. Artplace was very quick with their delivery. I will buy from them again. on 10th Jul 2017

    2. Mostly happy

      This is a great product and I like it for reinforcing the fins on my model rockets. Have not had and problems with Fix it until the last order I purchased from you. It seemed to have been open at some point and the top layer of part A was dried out some and crusty with hard little nuggets.???? Under the top 1/4" or so it was fine and works as advertised
      Will purchase again, not to worry. Stuff happens
      on 23rd May 2016

    3. solved a nagging problem on stone settings in a bezel.

      Prompt delivery quality product. What more to ask. workable even with hands and water plus the strength of cured epoxy makes for a creator's dream. product feathers seamlessly with other material. on 19th Jan 2015

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