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Powertex Art Medium

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    New colors now available in Red, Yellow Ochre, Blue and Black!

    Powertex is a liquid art medium that will harden textiles or paper after curing.  Powertex can be brushed on or items can be dipped directly in the Powertex.  After about 10 minutes the textile or paper takes on a leather like feel. Depending on temperature, it will stay flexible for  quite a while. Apply the treated fabric over an armature and create movement by draping fabric, or by adding folds or pleats. The unique properties of Powertex allows the item to hold its shape as long as the weight of the object is supported with an appropriate armature.

    Powertex can be used as a painting medium on canvas, wood, metal, glass, and most surfaces. Combined with Powertex PowerColor dry pigments, an unlimited color spectrum can be created. Colors can be opaque or transparent by using transparent or ivory as a base and controlling the amount of pigment added. Texture and variety can be created by incorporating fabric, paper, organic materials, or Powertex Stone Art. Powertex works as the paint medium, adhesive, hardener, and sealer all in the process of painting.

    Ivory Powertex is a beautiful color in itself or a great base color for warm overpainting. Use Powertex Bister as glaze for quick and easy antique look. Use with StoneArt to make an air dry clay, roll flat, sprinkle Powercolors, rest, roll again. You will get a wonderful crackle finish.

    Bronze Powertex textile hardener is a deep brown color. It imitates the deep colors of real bronze. Use Colortrix Bronze Gold and/or Rich Gold metallic powder pigments to create an amazing realistic look of real bronze. Dry brush the pigment over the Powertex while it is still slightly tacky. Let it dry then remove the excess with a dry brush and reuse. Use with StoneArt to make an air dry clay, roll flat, sprinkle with Powercolors, rest, roll again for a crackle finish 

    Terra Cotta Powertex drys to a rich red earth color. Add brown, yellow, sienna, or other PowerColor powders to create color variations or reach a desired tint.  Use with StoneArt to create the look of stone.

    Green Powertex is a rich color on its own or to use as a base color. Use black and red glazes over it to create an aged bronze look. Add Colortrix Bronze powder to add a metallic luster.

    Available in 1/2 liter, 1 liter containers

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